A Rag for English Patriots

The fight to end to the slavery of our nation through, debt, political correctness and legislation. We will never surrender until we are free of them, and Common Law restored.
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The Angryoldgit

Why Now?

As we break free of the EU dictatorship, we see a once united nation engaged in conflict and hatred. We were dragged into the EU unlawfully, and act of treason, and without a debate, or a vote, in an attempt to create a, 'New World Order Dictatorship of Europe complete with its own armed forces.

Over the 15years of our membership, thousands of Quangos of unelected bureaucrats began infecting our nation with brainwashing techniques, and unlawful legislation which contradicted and curbed our freedom under the laws of our land. The Law Society's legislation and Common Purpose graduate infiltrators run the country with a Stalin type ruthlessness. Always chanting the mantras of concern for our wellbeing, and community responsibilities, but growing rich by criminal extortion through unlawful fines for daring not to obey their unlawful dictates and 300,000 plus rules.

Discontent has festered as immigrants flood in and our border controls are inept.

Our fightback has begun.

Hereward the Wake
The last Englishman