Justice Has Been Stood on Its Head

Our justice system has been stood on its head, by criminals infesting Parliament.

The safety net to prevent the tyranny by government and public servants was created by Magna Carta, the basis of British Law.
Kings could no longer accuse and order the death, or imprisonment, of an accused.

Magna Carta decrees, anyone accused of a Common Law crime, thus creating a victim, is presumed innocent until convicted by a Jury of his peers.

The fundamental duty of the Jury is to protect us all from tyranny by government, such as we are currently experiencing daily.

Recently, I read that prospective jurors were asked, during their selection, if they knew about Jury Nullification, and if those who did would agree not to apply it?
Those who refused to agree were not selected.
This was a case of blatant jury rigging by the Court managers responsible. It is treason.

Jury Nullification:
The duty and right of the Jury (taken to be the Country) is to refuse to convict should they:
(a) Consider the law to be unfair, unjust or, abrogates lawful freedoms.
(b) Consider the accused acted reasonably under the circumstances at the time and under the situation they found themselves in.
(c) If, they believe the law was being applied maliciously, or unfairly.

The Jury, therefore, protect us all from tyranny by government, by if convicting the accused, must also decide a suitable penalty to be imposed.
The jury sets the penalty, not he government, nor court judge. which is why:

Hundreds of unlawful no jury courts infest our towns and cities, they are not courts of law, but commercial courts of administration. Step inside to contest a banned and illegal fine issued before conviction, and you have surrendered protection of Common Law. Unless you state immediately. "I do not consent to these proceedings." Leaving the judge, no choice but to abandon the case.

The Great Lie

"Only a few clauses of Magna Carta remain valid!"
This great lie is used by Judges to combat growing public awareness of Government and Police, acting outside of lawful restrictions, by removing our protection of both Common and Constitutional Law.

Exposing the lie of, Magna Carta is no longer valid.

Winston Churchill: "Magna Carta: Now here is a law that even the King must obey,and should any abrogation of the laws contained therein occur, they may be ignored without fear of consequence. And the King has commanded, such any such abrogation succeed the people rise up and join with the Barons to assail the houses, bar those of the Queen and her children, of those responsible, and the houses of every MP that voted to allow it."

In 2001, after the Queen, ignoring the petition by the Barons, warning that allowing the EU to impose its laws on Britain was unlawful, and signed the EU Treaty, they invoked Article 61 Magna Carta, branding it unlawful along with the Queen's Conservative Government.

Of course a media blackout occurred, as MPS on both sides of the Commons supporting the EU Treaty, were acting in treason.
Therefore only a few thousand people responded to lawful rebellion, by pledging their oaths of allegiance to the Barons.

Even more recently, the Queen's Bench Division upon allowing the appeal of the Metric Martys said this. "It should be recognised their are two types of laws; those created by Magna Carta and other documents and those created by Parliament. The latter can be repealed and removed, the former constitutional laws may not."